Class Action on Kindle Countdown

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(Psst: today’s the day when it’s cheapest 🙂 $0.99 in the US; £0.99 in the UK)

cakindlecover“A unique fusion of court-room drama, international conspiracy and science fiction. In 2032, young litigator Alek Moreyl is sucked into a frightening world of terrorism as one new technological breakthrough wreaks havoc on society.
Many authors can write future dystopias, but only Chris James can imagine how the world gets from here to there. And as with every Chris James novel, it’s a story that will not only entertain and provoke you, but also a story the like of which you are guaranteed never to have read anywhere else before.” – J. Teal, Vancouver

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2 thoughts on “Class Action on Kindle Countdown

    1. I’m very proud to retweet your blog post, Chris. It’s an honour to know such a talented writer and I’ve been following your writing career from the start. I admire your ability to combine action and unique,complex story lines. This novel is excellent!

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