Startling crimson seeped across his chest,
Truth displayed for all to view,
Hidden wound of woe expressed,
Proud demeanor now unglued.

Shattered moans escaped blued lips,
Scarred broken heart made final leap,
Across the whitewashed room and splattered,
With love gone, it didn’t matter.


dVerse Poets Pub challenge – write a poem or short prose of exactly 44 words, including the word leap.

10 thoughts on “Uncontained

  1. Oh my, Jo-Anne, is this setting the tone for the new year? That said, it’s beautifully fluid.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Laura. This was an opportunity to play with concentrated words and start 2018 with a little creativity. The short stories that I intend to post throughout the year will have varied themes and stories, based as always on the characters that populate them. 🙂

  3. Well, that sets the tone for a cheery new year! But of course, you know me, I like noirish crimey things, so I can really admire this precise mix of graphic detail and metaphorical content.

  4. I love the form you have used here… and then the dark matter of it all that makes me think of a crime scene almost… Hope to see you on the quadrille more times, a bit like the old trifextra… 🙂

  5. A vivid and powerful image of a broken heart, something that is not always easy to describe. You’ve done it so well.

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