Lean down and let me kiss your furrowed brow.
Let me sweep away the shadowy doubts,
Brush them aside with symphonic flourish,
With a lover’s grand, poetic gesture.
An ode to our unparalleled connection,
A canto for the exquisite years we’ve left to be.

44 words for dVerse Pub’s quadrille prompt: poem

13 thoughts on “Canto

  1. Just saw your sidebar–must explore this BC Healthy Community. Wonderful work. My entire life, even after nursing, has been touched by seniors with dementia. Just lost my mom about a year ago to the long death by inches.

    1. Victoria, thank you for your comments. I’m sorry to hear about your mom; dementia is a difficult journey for the family as well as the person diagnosed. I’m sure that she knew your kind, loving spirit was near even when she wasn’t able to communicate it.

  2. A beautiful write and these ‘unparalleled connections’ are so precious, I love how you capture this as
    ‘A canto for the exquisite years we’ve left to be’

  3. “A canto for the exquisite years we’ve left to be” … never lose that thought and savour each moment! We are so often left full of words in our sorrow.

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