He didn’t glance back before falling forward
Into the still unknown of shocking cobalt.
Crystalline blue.

No one there to fuss or hold him
No one to cry out at just the right moment
Into the midnight afternoon breeze –
Please stay.

For those he’d loved always, eventually
Let go of his hand.
Left him stranded.
Cast away.

And when he realized this, his fate
He’d grieved. Hardened.
Become impenetrable stone.
Then (against even the quirkiest laws of nature)
Frozen to fragile ice, cracked, shattered.

If not submerged within this serene, sharp sapphire
Where else was he meant to be?

Written for dVerse, an ekphrastic poem responding to a work of art. Here that work is a beautifully complex, yet simple, evocative painting by Fay Collins

9 thoughts on “Submerge

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a fantastic opening! There is something in this painting that really pulls me in, and I think you capture that feeling here. It’s a great piece.

  2. This is the painting that first called to me, What a stunning poem you’ve written to it, for it. I agree with Sarah that the opening is fantastic, but so is the entire poem.

  3. p.s. I’m so glad you commented on my blog – followed you here-l – no favourite line – the whole is brilliant serene sharp sapphire

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