We huddle cuddle close in the peeling-paint-framed-storefront,
Sheltered briefly, only briefly, from the sideways stares of passersby.
Safe from showers, drip drip rain that stains the sidewalk,
And washes away the pastel chalky hopscotch
We drew to decorate our unfeathered nest.

44 words for this week’s d’Verse prompt: rain.

Photo taken by Reza Shayestehpour.


16 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I love how the rain draws the people closer in your Quadrille, Jo-Anne, and the fine detail of the ‘peeling-paint-framed-storefront’ adds to the snapshot, as does the ‘pastel chalky hopscotch’ being washed away.

  2. you speak volumes in 44 words – the hopscotch and unfeathered nest make me think of childhood sweethearts

    1. Thank you so much, Laura for reading so thoughtfully. I was thinking of something a little darker but couldn’t get the image of the hopscotch fading out of my mind.

  3. This tells so much of childhood, yet so much more, the huddling together, the hopscotch being washed away… I feel this could continue in so many directions, growing up or the fresh start of making a new hopscotch… rain affects us so much

    1. Björn, thank you for your wonderful comment. Rain provides an atmosphere than makes me think of memories, melacholy moments but also of new beginnings and greenery. As you say, so many directions to take this subject! :))

  4. This is lovely to read and envision 😊 Especially love; “peeling-paint-framed-storefront.” 💜

    1. Thank you for noticing! Particularly with this subject, I wanted the cadence to reflect the tone of the poem. I’m pleased with how it turned out.Thank you for commenting.

  5. This is so descriptive. These could have been anyone sheltering from the rain, until that last paragraph – beautifully done.

    1. Thank you, Sarah Ann, for your insightful comment. Not many saw the picture I was trying to draw with these words. I’ve thought a lot about how I might have been clearer that this was a scene of two people living on the street. I so appreciate that you saw it.

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