Sisters, unlike.
One rounded, one jagged.
Puzzle pieces never able to click-fit.
Don’t make trouble, I begged,
Never understanding she didn’t.
Her heart broken in shards, impossible to mend.
My wrists cut in bloody despair.
She salved, bandaged my wounds
Before fading from view.


dVerse quadrille prompt: puzzle (44 words)

8 thoughts on “Inconsolable

  1. Hi Frank, thank you for reading and commenting. Actually, all my writing is fiction. Sometimes I use first person narrative because I like the immediacy it brings to the story.

  2. Oh…..Thank goodness I read your reply to Frank and understand that all your writing is fiction. This is a dark dark write and you’ve captured the title so well. The scene you describe…the words you use.
    “Shards” to me is always a harsh inconsolable word. Well done.

  3. I can relate to part of this fictitious situation. A sister alienated, experiencing our own types of grieving and bumps in life.
    You’ve conveyed the pain and disconnect very well.

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