Though I cannot touch your shirtsleeve, I reach out.
You answer me, pull me close with softly written words.
Soothe. Calm.
We shield ourselves with flannel paragraphs,
Hold life’s storms at bay,
Understanding, no matter what our whethers,
Friendship moors us in undeniable harbour.

44 words for d’Verse Poets Pub Monday quadrille prompt: harbor/harbour

5 thoughts on “Whethers

  1. LOVE we shield ourselves with flannel paragraphs! And the last line is a great one. So glad you posted to the prompt — apologies for late reply….please harbor no ill will for my tardiness! 🙂

  2. I started to gibber with delight when I read “flannel paragraphs.” Oh, Jo, that is such a wonderful, evocative description, and it sums up the overall message of the poem perfectly. I want to hug that phrase, if makes me so happy.

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