What molten rage appears behind frosted windows
Your panic rises, scorching, then cools icy and remains
Tempers your home cannot, scarcely, contain
Trembling crumbles your well planned calm
You’ve known the truth for far too long
A wink, a blink, a flash, you’re gone.

d’Verse quadrille: 44 words using the prompt ‘wink’ (which admittedly I used in a darker way).

10 thoughts on “Extinguish

  1. All I could think was “freedom” when I read this! I was thinking domestic violence and the person getting free of their abuser. So, I didn’t see this as dark at all 🙂 Well written!

  2. the panic, heat of rage and then the icy coldness, leaves a person wondering if it all really did happen at all – such a deep poem, layers of meaning here

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