We could not capture the rhythm nor rhyme of each other’s stories.

Conversations weaved and wandered, mundane and misunderstood.

We heard sentences not sentiments,

Feigned commitment to our cause.

Curiosity faded so we cast hopes towards the stars.

Too many explanations spoiled our love.

44 words for d’Verse Quadrille prompt today: ‘Spoil’

25 thoughts on “Rapport

  1. The metaphor of the poetry of communication in a relationship is very effective, Jo-Anne and I like the lines:
    ‘We heard sentences not sentiments’
    ‘Too many explanations spoiled our love’.
    It made me think of the Love Story quote: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”’

    1. Thanks so much, Mary. And, I agree – relationships can be a difficult. I guess we just have to decide if it would be better to part than to face a constant struggle.

  2. “we heard sentences, not sentiments” — this line has soooo much content in just 5 words!
    I enjoyed your response to the prompt very much!

  3. We heard sentences not sentiments, – this was a beautiful line, too often it is our own sentences we hear not the one talking

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