Still waters

We spoke for hours that dusty cloud day,

Grandfather and I in a dented rowboat,

Fishing lines poised over a cool, still lake,

Trolling shallow.

Yet with water surrounding,

We caught by surprise, threads interweaving,

To something deeper, a gathering place.





44 words for d’Verse this week. The prompt: Troll

13 thoughts on “Still waters

  1. Your quadrille is a breath of fresh air, Jo-Anne! I love the image of a dented rowboat, trolling shallow and interweaving threads to create a treasured memory.

  2. I loved the opening stanza — I enjoy narratives. I got lost in the end however, I imagined your fishing lines interweaving as your life with your grandfather interweaved. I guess I was waiting for the story to reflect “respect, understanding, love” instead of being told it. Maybe I am mistaken, Great set up, though, for me. Maybe I missed a lot of symbolic nuance.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Sabio. I know what you mean. It seemed a bit clipped but with only 44 words, I couldn’t find a way to round it out further.

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