Descending up

Disappointments descend, flutter, circle down, surrounding me

Like autumnal crimson leaves fall to rest at the base of a maple tree

Like layers of discarded, crumbling leaves, covering me up

Like last night’s blankets and denied possibilities

Like last night’s dreams


Like me.

44 words for this week’s d’Verse quadrille prompt: up

5 thoughts on “Descending up

  1. I love the diminishing form of this, so suiting to the words. Love the repetition of both “leaves” and “like.” I felt this, deeply.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I’ve had the image of falling leaves and layering for a little bit and was pleased to have ‘up’ as the prompt. I think it matches the emotion and while being aligned still contrasts (if that makes sense).

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