Get back up

Slid-sideways on marble, fell-tumbled at market

Sucking lemons is better than swallowing bitter pills.

No sleeve’s wide enough to wear that bloody heart.

Pouring sorrows over arching muddles

Like rain flooding gigantic puddles.

Silly isn’t it to waste a day being




10 thoughts on “Get back up

    1. Thanks, Carol! I hadn’t got the link up yet for dVerse but will do now. I’ll have a look for the poem you’ve mentioned. Really appreciate your comment!

  1. As Carol says, the imagery here is fantastic. I particularly love the double hyphenation in the first line, “slid-sideways” and “fell-tumbled.” They open up up a whole new specificity of sliding and falling, giving me an unexpectedly vivid visual entry into the poem.

    1. Thanks, Kernie :)) I hadn’t put the link up yet but this is a quadrille for d’Verse. The word was ‘silly’. So glad to put up something new – hopefully the beginning of much more! Hugs :))

    1. Björn, thank you. That’s what I hoped readers would do. The words do give clues that are seen in a different light after finishing. “Pouring sorrows” also a part of that. I am always so appreciative of your understanding of my writing.

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