Our voices smash against barren bedroom walls.

Questions, pleas, crash down upon the hallway floor

As we pass each other wordlessly.

The possible in life seems unlikely to us now.  

We hear only the faintest, constant, drum beat,

And it metes out our days.

44 words for d’Verse quadrille.

12 thoughts on “Decrescendo

    1. Thanks, Frank. I like that line too, for the emotion but also for the cadence. Thank you too for always taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

  1. Silence can be more deafening than the drum beating faintly. Unfortunately, sometimes the drum fades out forever.

    1. Thanks, Mish, and thank you for a great word prompt for the Quadrille this week. All the poets who have posted seem to have chosen unique takes. It’s been great reading all the posts!

  2. This is gorgeously rendered! I love the atmospheric quality of this poem ❤️

  3. How did I miss this? Oof. You have a talent for burrowing into life’s discords and excavating every ounce of pain and heartbreak–but so subtly and sensitively. This is beautiful. Tough to read, but beautiful.

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