Before our worlds unraveled, then knotted,

Before life pulled our friendship apart,

Untethered our hearts, then shattered,

Do you remember,

Our laughter and blue stained fingers,

Our common goal, our only enemy,

The laden branches and brambles,

At the edge of your grandma’s garden?

44 words for this week’s Quadrille on d’Verse Poet’s Pub. The prompt: brambles.

38 thoughts on “Brambles

  1. Aww, this is beautifully written. Memories hold such an impact, especially with nostalgia of old friendships made from childhood. What a lovely poem that explicates such themes of reminiscence.

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    1. Thanks, Xan. It really did, didn’t it?! My first thought when I saw the prompt was curly witch hazel trees (Harry Lauder Walking Stick bushes) but I liked the play on words about thorny pasts.


  2. Childhood friendships are precious. ❤ I'm blessed to still keep in touch with some women I went to elementary school with. we're not as close anymore, but we see each other a couple of times a year (usually).

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  3. Hi, Jenna. Thanks so much for stopping to read and comment. So nice you’ve had the opportunity to stay in touch with people you knew from your youth. There’s a lovely shorthand when connecting, isn’t there?


  4. Your memories of summer days and friendships past are warm and poignant. Sadly, so many friends are left behind because life gets in the way. Childhood summers stay longer in the memory, and blackberry picking always came at the end, before the first day back at school; some of us still do it – and bake the occasional blackberry pie or crumble.

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    1. Hi Dwight, thank you for your kind words! It’s odd times with strange energy, isn’t it? In British Columbia, we are now all about ‘bubbles’ – who is in your bubble of people to spend time with and who isn’t in your bubble. It can be very isolating and certainly make one long for the informal normal of only a few months ago!

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    1. I was trying to capture those early innocent times before life interferes with other voices. Thank you for understanding.

      It is painful when someone makes a decision like your sister yet doesn’t tell us why. It’s a double-edged cut. I hope you have found peace.

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      1. I have finally. It took losing my husband and son to see who impacts my life in a positive way. I can’t waste days on drama. There are many decisions from my past that I had gotten advice from her, that I now wish I could go back and change. Hindsight bias! Have a great rest of your day!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, Bill. Sometimes I think my writing ‘subtlety’ could actually be better described as it being ‘spare’. I’m glad if it resonated with you. And yes, those friendships do melt away even if somewhere in our hearts we know it is intentional. Thanks again.

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