His arm outstretched on the bar top so long

Defining wood grain has marked his skin with deep welts, lines,

Semi-permanent tattoos, depicting the aching magnetism

Of old fashioned, warm amber, honeyed,

Pain relief. Waiting.

Just beyond his fingertips, though never beyond his grasp.

d’Verse quadrille (44 word poem) prompt: magnetic (in any form)

10 thoughts on “Amber

  1. Such a beautiful colo-r warm ambered, honeyed. I think all pain relief are temporary, fleeting. One either lives with pain or numbs it with other activities.

  2. Ah…..people meet grief in different ways. Some hope the bottle, the amber liquid burning down the throat can burn the pain away. The problem with that is, one always comes to and the pain is felt anew.

  3. WOW. This is such a vivid image, Jo-Anne. Your descriptions here are fantastic. I can see him. I feel for him. I hope he finds hope in other, more solid, places.

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