Disappear in a puff of smoke

Hot gravel blisters bubble under her big toe,

Twists and hops, remembered hurt in every step,

Sharp stone, dirty path winds ever farther.

Juke joint music rides the dry summer air,

Stifling heat crests, then cools, stereo snaps silent.

“She left hours ago, man.”

44 words for d’Verse this week: prompt is “juke“.

15 thoughts on “Disappear in a puff of smoke

  1. I can smell that stifling dry summer heat. The hint of remembered hurt in every step is sharp.

    Jo-anne, so lovely to read you. Thanks for joining in.

  2. nice. i like the repeated consonant sounds in linked words. It gives it a current. Also the details you choose to include really bring to life the heat and grit. Leaving home is no small matter, but sometimes perhaps necessary. I ran away once, a long time ago. It can be a very hard life. Your verse makes me want to know more.

  3. Hello Brian, thank you. A current is exactly what I was trying for. My favourite poetry and short fiction has a rise and fall – like the sound being carried in the wind. And yes, I certainly agree. Running away can be a very hard life. But when it is seen as the only option, it can be freeing; taking steps towards the future.

  4. As always, you’re the master of packing volumes into the tiniest trunk and of merging imagery with emotion. This is beautiful, Jo. Beautiful, haunting, pared to the bone, building tension from the opening line. Just yummy!

  5. Ouch. That path looks painful. I can SEE the blister. I like the closing line – unexpected and intriguing.

  6. This is such a vivid portrayal of ache and life’s trials, tribulations. Stellar write 💝💝

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