Yet Further Evidence of Autumn

My writer-friend-across-the-miles, Chris James, loves autumn as much as I do but takes much better photos of this extraordinary time of year. So, I’m stealing his latest blog post for my blog so I can look at them.

Chris James's blog

There are some days when, as an enthusiastic amateur photographer, you can’t ask for better conditions, when certain scenes just beg to be captured.  The “Golden Autumn” is a well enough known phenomenon in Poland, but like many weather-related events, it is never guaranteed.  This year, however, we’ve enjoyed long, hot sunny days which have slowed autumn’s progress.  In most years, by now the trees would be bare through a combination of the first winter frosts followed by leaf-stripping rain or snow.  So far this autumn, it’s been more like summer.  And with a sky of deep, Mediterranean blue as a background, it really is simply a case of taking Crazy the dog for a walk, and pointing and clicking with my camera.


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