Amid the challenges, for this and more, I give thanks.

It is Thanksgiving 2021 and definitely time for me to consider the many blessings that have dotted my life over the past year, actually the past several years.

I always begin with my gratitude for having a job that pays my bills and a home that shelters me in more ways than keeping me out of the rain. I work for a wonderful organization that contributes to community and I have lived in my safe, pleasant apartment for many years. I am one of the lucky ones.

Since the pandemic, I have been blessed to work from home. Given past health issues, this truly has been a blessing.

I give thanks for the kindness of relative strangers, like my neighbour who volunteers cheerfully to collect my mail when he gets his.

I began meditating a bit this year. I’m just easing into it but I find a calm surround that lasts.

I give thanks for my coworkers who laugh and cajole as we get through our days. We are serious too but a shared sense of humour brings us together as a team.

Over the past months, I have been reading more and this lifts my spirits more than I can say. The beauty of creative writing is my passion. I love ideas and emotions, thoughts and styles, brought forward in unique tellings. Reading also makes my own poems and stories possible; it opens the wonder and what-ifs and why-nots.

Ultimately, I’m grateful for the past, the present and the future. There have been challenges, heartbreak, defeat – in other words, there has been life. But through even the worst of it I have always grasped and clung to hope.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Photo by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger on Unsplash


He keeps the window open almost always.

For he can’t shake off the dusty layer he’s gathered over time.

His elbow has a bruise, purple yellow at a glance, from bumping into walls,

Down darkening halls, he has no reason to travel.

But he keeps a distance from the door, never seems to reach it.

It used to creak, that door, the front door on the first floor,

Where many, too many, have stood in indecision

On the other side, never his side.

He can’t see the scuff marks on the once white threshold,

Where they’ve stopped, moved no farther,

No further, in his case, in any event, in an emergency he would step out, step over.

No doubt, one day soon he will, he’ll have to leave.

But until that day, until that time,

He keeps the window open almost always.

d’Verse Poetics – Oral Poetry

Photo above from Unsplash taken by Frank Busch.

There was a day

There was a day when I was twelve.

I sat upon a purple blanket, on the green field beside the park’s baseball diamond.

The sun blazed hot.

My bare toes searched through cool blades of June grass.

I had no cares except everything.



44 word quadrille for this week’s d’Verse prompt: happiness


Before our worlds unraveled, then knotted,

Before life pulled our friendship apart,

Untethered our hearts, then shattered,

Do you remember,

Our laughter and blue stained fingers,

Our common goal, our only enemy,

The laden branches and brambles,

At the edge of your grandma’s garden?

44 words for this week’s Quadrille on d’Verse Poet’s Pub. The prompt: brambles.